Keep Talent in the Family

“Education is the great engine
of personal development.” Nelson Mandela
Employee knowledge, capabilities and talent are widely considered to be fundamental assets to ensure business development and success. Kuoni, however, is dedicated not only to value those assets but to identify talent, grow knowledge and increase capabilities – following a globally co-ordinated and structured approach.

The Kuoni Corporate Academy is a virtual platform which grants access to all development and training programs available to all employees including classroom trainings, eLearning modules and self-learning templates. Co-ordinated and targeted development results in excellent performance and high motivation, thus forming a solid base for the company’s success.

Distinct curriculae for leadership, professional development and functional skills enable managers and employees to discover and leverage their skills in the best possible way. Fast-lane programs focus on high potentials in order to keep talent in the family and to provide excellent candidates for key positions.

A coherent system of competency-based performance assessment, assessment and development centers is designed to ensure transparency and equal opportunities for talents from all over the world. The range of training modules reaches from self-management through communication and sales specific courses up to leadership and strategic management.

All Corporate Academy courses and modules share a strong emphasis on practicability and feasibility. Closely linked to real-life experience they explore the long tradition and the rich cultural diversity so typical for Kuoni as a global travel company. Learnings and enhanced skills are designed to be implemented immediately in daily work situations.