Our Vision & Mission

Kuoni Group aspires to become a leading service provider to the global travel industry and to grow significantly faster than the travel market as a whole.
Kuoni Group is structured into three divisions Global Travel Distribution (GTD), Global Travel Services (GTS) and VFS Global.
GTD as a business-to-business provider of accommodation and destination services will invest in developing innovative front-end sales solutions, explore new online distribution channels and offer services for online and offline travel agencies, tour operators and other intermediaries in all large travel markets around the world, with a particular focus on China, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Indonesia.
GTS as the leading destination service provider for people traveling in groups intends to significantly expand its presence in selected
Asian markets by opening new offices, selectively partnering with leading market participants, and by focusing on digital distribution.
VFS Global, the industry pioneer and world’s leading visa services provider, works for 48 governments, operates 1,837 application centres in 122 countries and holds an estimated 50% market share of the global outsourced applications market. It generates almost 70% of its turnover from applicants from the Asia/Pacific region.