The Kuoni Value Chain

“The weakest link in a chain
is the strongest
because it can break it” Stanislaw Lec

Our value chain

Tourism is a very complex and diverse industry, encompassing various stakeholders around the world. Kuoni has thus defined three major groups within its value chain:

1. Individual and institutional customers – Visit sustainable products for more information
2. Kuoni-owned organisations in leisure travel & destination management – Find more information on Organisation and Employees
3. Suppliers – Kuoni’s suppliers include hotels, cruise ships, airlines, excursion and other service providers at destinations.

Sustainable Supply Chain Management

Kuoni acknowledges that fostering sustainability in the supply chain is one of the most effective ways for Kuoni to promote the values underpinning its Corporate Responsibility strategy in the long term. We place great emphasis on each link in the chain by involving a wide range of stakeholders, including our internal procurement & production departments, external certification schemes for sustainable tourism, hotel and other industry partners, NGOs and international organisations.

In 2014, a dedicated e-learning programme will be developed and rolled out to train our procurement department to prioritise sustainability, monitor key suppliers with reference to our Supplier Code of Conduct, and support certification schemes for hotels in our catalogues. Kuoni continually engages in building the capacity of our most important suppliers in key destinations on a variety of topics, including human rights and labour conditions, child protection and environmental management.

Monitoring Suppliers

Kuoni has laid down the minimal ethical standards it expects from its suppliers in the company’s Supplier Code of Conduct and continuously monitors the sustainability performance of its core hotel partners. To this end, Kuoni closely collaborates with the sustainability certification scheme Travelife which conducts regular third-party on-site audits, checking various criteria of social and environmental hotel management.

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Capacity Building

In a further step to enhance the sustainability of the Kuoni value chain, the company actively supports its suppliers through various capacity building measures such as workshops and individual coaching. These workshops bring together various stakeholders at the destinations, fostering collaboration and building awareness and expertise among hoteliers to make their contribution towards sustainable tourism.

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