The Kuoni Stakeholder Process

To further develop a dynamic exchange with external interest groups, in 2010 Kuoni launched a dialogue campaign involving a small "Inner Circle" and a "Wider Circle" of stakeholders. The "Inner Circle" regularly takes a critical look at how Kuoni’s sustainability strategy is being implemented and advises the company on how it could be improved. The aim of this body is to further integrate CR into the company’s strategies, policies and activities.

The "Wider Circle" meets to discuss a specific theme and to suggest concrete opportunities for action. These two groups are made up of internal and external stakeholders, including CR specialists and experts from universities, governmental and non-governmental organisations. The first such workshop was conducted in 2011 along the theme of “Freshwater and Tourism”.

Kuoni is currently restructuring its stakeholder dialogue process as a result of experiences and gaps found during the implementation of the new Global Reporting Guidelines G4.