Keeping Vigil

The Supplier Code of Conduct

Kuoni Group has defined its minimal requirements towards its suppliers in the Kuoni Supplier Code of Conduct, a policy document which requires our suppliers to adhere to human and  labour rights, compliance with local law and environmental standards, non-discrimination, anti-corruption, work place safety and hygiene and child protection.

Kuoni Group's suppliers agree to report on their compliance and progress and allow their properties to be inspected by Kuoni Group upon request. In case of a breach of the terms and conditions of the Supplier Code of Conduct Kuoni Group is entitled to terminate any contract and cooperation with the supplier with immediate effect and reserves the right to take any further legal action at its discretion. Kuoni Group is continuously working on the implementation of its sustainable supply chain strategy which aims at rising the sustainability level of all suppliers and increasing the number of hotel partners with sustainability certifications. The scope of Kuoni Group’s sustainable supply chain management is continuously expanded towards including the whole Kuoni Group. In 2016 a VFS-specific Supplier Code of Conduct has been introduced in contracts with visa application centres.

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Monitoring implementation

As part of the sustainable supply chain strategy, a web-based CR self-assessment system linked to existing Health & Safety checks has been introduced in 2014, which allows to increase the number of hotels assessed significantly. Considering that the GTD division alone partners with over 50 000 hotels, this integration in internal processes and the introduction of a self-assessment combined with risk-based on-site checks constitues an important step towards ensuring compliance of Kuoni's Supplier Code of Conduct and identify opportunities for partnerships.

Awarding sustainable hotels

Kuoni Group is an active member of Travelife, a travel industry-led  and internationally recognised certification scheme, where tour operators and accommodation providers work in partnership to protect the environment and the well-being of people, including their staff, customers and suppliers, and so making a big contribution to sustainable tourism. We encourage our hotel partners to join Travelife and to work towards third-party certification. After joining Travelife, hotels are invited to conduct an online self-assessment which gives them an initial benchmark of their sustainability performance.

In a second step, a third-party auditor trained by Travelife carries out an audit to assess the social and environmental performance of the hotel. Hotels demonstrating excellent sustainability performance are certified and promoted accordingly to our customers.

The Travelife standard has been recognised by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) for its transparency, impartiality and competence. Read more about the Travelife awards under sustainable products.

Guidelines for sustainable excursions

In 2014, Kuoni Group has developed internal guidelines for sustainable excursions. These provide recommendations for product managers and contractors across the Group on how to source ethically, how to consider human rights aspects and how to develop sustainable products.

The guidelines align with the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) and feature best practice guidelines for tourism businesses such as ABTA’s Animal Welfare Minimum Requirements.