Promoting Sustainable Travel

The Institute of Tourism at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, in collaboration with Kuoni Group, has conducted a broad study regarding customer demand of sustainable travel packages. It was established that 22% of customers consider sustainability as one of the top three deciding factors when booking travel packages.

Travelife Awards

Apart from the flight to a destination, the accommodation has the highest social and environmental impact of a travel. By collaborating with partner hotels to improve their sustainability performance, Kuoni Group attempts to minimize the negative impact of its business activities. Working with the sustainability certification scheme Travelife allows Kuoni Group not only to monitor its core hotels but provides a means of communicating hotel’s sustainability performance to Kuoni Group's business clients who can in turn promote sustainable hotels to their end customers, the travellers. As a business to business intermediary, Kuoni Group can contribute to rendering the Travel and Tourism value chain more sustainble. Read more here.

Fair Trade Travel

Fair Trade Travel offers the opportunity to realise forms of tourism that are economically, ecologically and socially sustainable. This kind of tourism meets the expectations of both the tourists wanting relaxing holidays and local people at the destination wanting to maintain their livelihoods, cultural diversity and dignity. Kuoni Group is therefore proud that its destination management services subsidiary Private Safaris is Fair Trade Travel (FTT) certified. Read more here.