• Economic
    The word Aspect is used in the GRI G4 Guidelines to refer to the list of subjects covered by the Guidelines. By scrolling over the specific Aspect, the reader can see the types of indicators the GRI associates with the Aspect.
    Influence on Stakeholders Decision Making
    Based on the GRI Implementation Manual, this is described as the main sustainability interests and topics raised by stakeholders as well as their corresponding expectations. Stakeholders are both internal and external and include (but are not limited to) employees, shareholders, customers, suppliers, industry partners, competitors, local communities in key destinations, regulators, NGOs and the media. Any Aspect beyond the threshold at which stakeholders' decision making is sufficiently influenced are marked in yellow.
    Significance of Kuoni's Impacts
    According to the GRI Guidelines, the organization’s significant economic, environmental and social impacts,impacts’ refer to those that are a subject of established concern for expert communities, or that have been identified using established tools such as impact assessment methodologies or life cycle assessments. Further, the Guidelines state that impacts that are considered important enough to require active management or engagement by the organization are likely to be considered to be significant. Any aspect beyond the threshold at which impacts of the organization are considered to be sufficiently signifcant are marked in yellow.
    Aspect Materiality
    Aspects considered material to the organization are marked in red.
    Aspects which crossed the threshold of importance for either "influence on stakeholders' decision making" or "significance of impacts" are marked yelllow. By clicking the material Aspects (in red), the reader can see a graphical representation of the entities within or outside the company for which the Aspect is deemed material (the so-called "Aspect Boundary").

    Economic Performance

    the direct economic value generated and distributed (EVG&D) on an accruals basis; risks and opportunities posed by climate change; coverage of the organization’s defined benefit plan obligations; monetary value of financial assistance received by the organization from governments

    Market Presence

    Ratio of entry-level wage by gender compared to local minimum wage, percentage of senior management at significant locations of operation that are hired from the local community

    Indirect Economic Impacts

    The extent of development of significant infrastructure investments; Availability of products and services for those on low incomes; Enhancing skills and knowledge amongst a professional community or in a geographical region; Jobs supported in the supply chain or distribution chain; Stimulating, enabling, or limiting foreign direct investment

    Procurement Practices

    Procurement budget used for significant locations of operation spent on suppliers local to that operation