Looking Back At Sustainability @ Kuoni Group

For more than a decade, Kuoni Group has pursued a more sustainable and responsible way of doing business with its suppliers and in the travel and tourism destinations where we operate. We have made substantial progress – starting from the “testing-ground” of a small environmental department in only one of our operating units to integrating sustainability values in our group-wide operations, including in our product development as well as procurement and production processes. Read more about our progress below.

Sustainability @ Kuoni Group through the years

1999 – Kuoni Switzerland establishes an Environmental Department.

2003 – Kuoni Switzerland achieves ISO 14001 certification

2005 – Kuoni Netherlands achieves ISO 14001 certification

2006 – The first Kuoni group-wide Corporate Responsibility strategy is approved by the Group Executive Board; Kuoni Switzerland achieves ISO 14001 re-certification.

2007 – Kuoni Group publishes the Kuoni Code of Conduct and the first Group Sustainability Report.

2008 – Kuoni Group develops a new Corporate Responsibility strategy based on stakeholder mapping and a materiality matrix. Kuoni develops its Supplier Code of Conduct.

2009 – Kuoni Group publishes the 2008/2009 Corporate Responsibility Report. Kuoni develops an informational flyer on how customers can help protect children from sexual exploitation in tourism as well as an informational film “Our Climate – We Care” explaining the concept of offsetting carbon emissions from flights.

2010 – Kuoni Group publishes the 2010 Corporate Responsibility Report, featuring the work of Swiss artist Marie Velardi, which highlights the possible future impacts of climate change on small island states. Environmental and social metrics are published for the first time, including the carbon footprint of Kuoni UK, Switzerland and Scandinavia.

2011 – Kuoni Group integrates sustainability reporting throughout the 2011 Annual Report. Kuoni engages with 18 internal and external stakeholders in the development of a Human Rights policy. Kuoni Switzerland achieves the TourCert certification as first large tour operator. Kuoni Switzerland and Kuoni UK launch the first Fair Trade certified package.

2012 – Kuoni Benelux Specialists achieve Travelife certification for tour operators. Kuoni publishes its Statement of Commitment on Human Rights as well as its human rights impact assessment for operations in Kenya.

2013 – Kuoni Group joins the UN Global Compact and integrates its Communication on Progress in the Group Annual Report. Kuoni Group publishes its Statement of Commitment on the Environment and completes its second human rights impact assessment for its operations and value chain, this time in India.

2014 - Kuoni Group revises its Supplier Code of Conduct to include clauses on animal protection and anti-corruption. Kuoni launches internal sourcing guidelines for excursions and expands the Water Champion Programme to Thailand.

2015 - Kuoni Group decides to divest its tour operating activities and to focus its activities as a service provider to the global travel industry and to governments. Through a broad stakeholder survey, Kuoni Group re-defines the material CR topics for the Group as well as for each Division. Kuoni Group collaborates with UNICEF and other businesses in a human rights impact assessment in Viet Nam.