Sustainability For the Future


"We strive to act as a good corporate citizen which takes into full account the current and future economic, social and environmental impacts of our business. We acknowledge and live up to our responsibility to support a sustainable touristic development.

We seek to adhere to the Global Code of Ethics for Tourism of the UNWTO, which endeavours that source countries, tourist destinations, host communities and businesses maximize the positive economic, social and cultural effects of tourism and fully reap its benefits, while minimizing its negative social and environmental impacts.

In order to ensure an effective management of our corporate responsibility:

  • We are committed – at the highest level of management to integrate our principles of corporate responsibility in our core business operations.
  • We seek an open and transparent dialogue with internal and external stakeholders and actively report on our activities in order to achieve this.
  • We define strategies and actions which are adopted groupwide and which are based on clear targeting, measurement and monitoring systems
  • We aim to continuously improve our sustainability performance

In particular, we aim to:

  • Create opportunities for our colleagues to thrive and develop under fair, healthy and safe conditions of employment
  • Monitor our suppliers in meeting the standards of the Kuoni Supplier Code of Conduct and further improve their sustainability performance
  • Develop and continually expand the range and offer of our sustainable products and to strongly engage with our customers in their promotion
  • Respect and proactively foster internationally-recognised human rights within our sphere of influence, especially the rights of the most vulnerable of our society. We seek to avoid complicity in human rights abuses and to further develop appropriate response mechanisms
  • Minimise our carbon footprint as far as possible and foster resilience to climate change impacts within our value chain. We strive towards a sustainable management of natural resources and the protection of their future productivity."