Expect More

Big corporations are now expected to do more than just be accountable for profit performance and shareholder dividends. They are now expected to give evidence of their contribution to all of their stakeholders - not just those with a financial interest. Also expected is that that these contributions be sustainable over the long term.

Defining Stakeholders

We consider our “stakeholders” to be all those individuals or groups who can influence or who are affected by our company’s achievement of its objectives. Maintaining an active and constructive dialogue with our stakeholders helps us align our strategy to the needs of society, implement it accordingly, anticipate risks and opportunities and assess our business from other angles and perspectives. At the same time, it allows us to gather valuable feedback on our current commitment which can help us further develop our CR strategy. These stakeholders include NGOs, the media, our suppliers, our employees, our investors, our customers and our industry partners.

The various approaches, views and perspectives that our stakeholders offer us illustrate new possibilities and opportunities which should be utilised to the full. We then work with our stakeholders to jointly find new and innovative solutions and ensure that all our decision-making is as broad-based as possible in the areas concerned.