Every Drop Counts

“If there is magic
on this planet,
it is contained in water.” Loran Eisely
In countries in which water is scarce, conflicts arise time and again between the requirements of the tourist sector and the needs of the local population, and of local farmers in particular. The water consumption of the tourist sector is also often hugely disproportionate to that of the local people. An average tourist in Mallorca, Spain, for example, consumes 400 litres of water per day compared to 250 litres for local residents in urban areas (European Environmental Agency, 2001).

Analysing water scarcity across the destinations

Water stewardship actions were established based on a multicriteria decision analysis. Criteria used included passenger volume and water scarcity statistics from the World Business Council for Sustainable Development’s Global Water Tool (see figure below), among other criteria. 

Resource Scarcity Distribution of Destinations

(Source: WRI; Annual Renewable Water Supply per Person by Watershed, Projections for 2025)

Kuoni Water Management Project

The Kuoni Water Champion Award scheme recognizes hotel partners for achieving 10 requirements towards a sustainable water management in their operations. In two selected key destinations Kenya and Thailand, Kuoni Group in collaboration with local water experts has developed comprehensive step-by-step user manuals providing the necessary tools for hoteliers. Any hotel committing to the process outlined in the manual is eligible for the Kuoni Water Champion award.

The manuals were rolled-out by means of capacity building workshops followed up by bespoke on-site visits by a local consultant first in Kenya and subsequently in Thailand. Three Kuoni Group hotel partners were awarded in Kenya in 2014 and eleven GTD accommodation partners achieved the prestigious award in Thailand in 2015.

The country-specific Water Management Manuals are available for download here: Kenya, Thailand

Kuoni Group sponsored rainwater harvesting for rural schools (2013-14) 

Kuoni Group supported an access to water project near Amboseli National Park in Kenya in cooperation with the NGO Caritas whereby 4 public schools to mediate water scarcity through the construction of rainwater harvesting tanks. The water is being used partly for drinking water and partly for planting tree nurseries which the students care for. 1711 students now have access to secure drinking water and benefit from environmental awareness and 262 trees were planted as a result of the project during its 2013-2014. Subsequent reforestation will help mitigate climate change and soil degradation (erosion) for local communities, including flora & fauna.