Safeguarding Labour Rights

Respecting our diverse workforce

The Kuoni Code of Conduct outlines the company's commitment to ensuring, within its multicultural teams and working environment, that nobody is harassed or discriminated against for any reason such as their race, religion, belief, nationality, sex, age, sexual orientation or disability.

Decent work as basis of our relationships with suppliers

We are committed to ensuring fair working conditions not only for our employees worldwide but also in our supply chain. Human and labour rights standards are integral part of our contractual provisions with suppliers. The Supplier Code of Conduct commits our suppliers to respecting local employment law and international human rights, to not tolerating any discrimination on the basis of sex or religion, to offering a safe and hygienic workplace and to paying at least the minimum wage for the work done. The application of Kuoni Group’s sustainability criteria is assessed and verified. We also strive to help our partners meet these requirements in the long term, and to ensure due and appropriate acknowledgement of their achievements in this regard. You can find more information on the Kuoni Supplier Code of Conduct here.

Partnering with the ILO in Kenya

To address labour issues identified at hotels during the human rights impact assessment conducted in Kenya, Kuoni Group has engaged in an informal partnership with the International Labour Organisation (ILO) to launch a sector-wide multi-stakeholder collaboration in Kenya. Local consultants as well as workers and managers from Kenyan hotels participated in a training program (based on the SCORE methodology) aimed at increasing productivity and service quality by improving worker-management relations. 

See the changes that the participating hotels achieved through SCORE Training and how the Kenyan hotel industry can become more competitive by continuously improving cooperation, efficiency and workplace practices by watching this movie.