Human Rights Due Diligence

Kuoni Gruop has been striving for over ten years to enhance the positive impact of tourism on people and simultaneously minimize its negative ramifications and has formalised this through its Statement of Commitment on Human Rights. Particular attention has been paid to labour rights and the rights of the child. The publication of the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (UNGP) in 2011 has been a beacon for Kuoni Group in developing its human rights due diligence program. Kuoni Group is the first big travel-related service provider to translate the UNGP into action.

Three strategic pillars

Kuoni Group's human rights due diligence program is based on three strategic pillars, along with continuous efforts to train our employees on human rights-related aspects in our business.

Elements of the corporate responsibility to respect human rights

Kuoni Group's human rights due diligence program is implemented through various activities in line with the central elements outlined in the UNGPs.

Human Rights Impact Assessments

As part of its efforts to respect human rights, Kuoni Gruop has conducted two human rights impact assessments, one in Kenya (2012) and one in India (2013). Both assessment reports as well as the implementation status of the human rights action plan in Kenya* are publicly available and transparently explain the research methodology, the outcomes and the commitments of Kuoni Group to mitigation and improvement measures. Furthermore, the reports contain statements on the assessments from following advisors: the Working Group on Tourism and Development (AKTE), the Swiss Centre for Expertise in Human Rights, Equality in Tourism, Uravu Eco Links, Fair Trade in Tourism (FTT), Tourism Concern and UNICEF.

Moreover, Kuoni Group encourages and provides support to sector-specific Human Rights Impact Assessment projects like the Sector Wide Impact Assessment conducted in Myanmar in 2014.

In 2015, Kuoni Group initiated a collaborative initiative with the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) and other businesses to assess the impact travel and tourism might have on children’s rights in Vietnam. Through meaningful consultations on the ground, this pilot project assessed potential impacts, including also child labour. Based on the findings, recommendations will be provided to the industry in 2016.

Kuoni Group encourages interested stakeholders to provide feedback and comments on its commitment to human rights and the reports on the human rights impact assessments conducted in Kenya and in India to

*Kuoni Group's former destination management subsidiary Sita in India has been sold in 2015 and is no longer part of the Kuoni Group.