Building Strength Through Diversity

A study found that 75% of employees who believe that their company is focused on sustainability show high levels of commitment (Business in the Community, 2011). Moreover, Kuoni’s 2014  employee satisfaction survey known as EMPOWER revealed that 68% of employees believe that Kuoni Group is strongly involved in Corporate Responsibility. Kuoni Group also understands that its employees are an invaluable partner in reinforcing its sustainability strategy with our suppliers and our customers. Therefore, we focus on training, awareness building and open dialogue to ensure that everyone in the company has a shared vision of CR at Kuoni Group.

We aim at engaging and empowering our colleagues to integrate sustainability into their daily roles.

Building awareness

For our employees to be able to contribute to sustainable development, they need to be kept continuously informed and encouraged to engage in lively and active dialogue on the issues concerned. The Kuoni Group Intranet, the K-net, provides extensive information regarding sustainability initiatives and ensures that all the company’s personnel has adequate access to the latest facts and findings in the CR field. Moreover, an offline communication approach has been adopted which aims to communicate and provide opportunities for engagement on CR throughout the year.

Empowering people

Kuoni Group is dedicated to engage employees on sustainability. Each year the Group organises CR activities where employees throughout the world learn about sustainability issues, such as human rights, saving water, reducing paper use and promoting ethical travel and tourism. In 2014 this was done through an innovative online engagement campaign - the “WeAct challenge”. In total 94447 sustainable actions, such as using refillable coffee mugs, turning down the heating, eating a vegetarian lunch, buying fair trade products, avoiding wasting food, taking the stairs instead of the elevator or compensating flight emissions have been completed.

Encouraging volunteerism

Kuoni Group understands that its colleagues are an invaluable partner in reinforcing its sustainability strategy. Encouraging employee engagement is a key focus. Therefore, in 2013 Corporate Volunteering was launched throughout the Kuoni Group. Several units implemented corporate volunteering actions in order to allow employees to engage in a good cause while spending a work day in a different and unique way. Through these actions Kuoni Group colleagues supported different charity organisations by for example, running a marathon, teaching children with special needs or working in the nature. In Switzerland, Kuoni partnered with various environmental non-profit organizations such as Paneco, GrünwerkBergwaldprojekt and the Swiss Parks Network to support the preservation of the beautiful Swiss nature by fighting vermin or grooming alpine forests.

Within GTD and GTS Divisions, 140 employees across the London, Dubai, Hong Kong and Taiwan offices took part in the Corporate Volunteering programme. The business gives staff one day a year to volunteer outside the company through programmes that in the past included, providing reading support for children struggling with literacy, running workshops for the elderly to understand modern technology, offering support for the homeless at Christmas, providing assistance for the unemployed with their search and preparedness for work, distributing vital drinking water to those working under the heat of the desert sun, cleaning local parks and community areas and providing start up business advice to entrepreneurs.

Partnering with charities

ECPAT International was selected by GTS & GTD worldwide staff vote in 2013 to be the global charity partner for three years.  ECPAT International is a global network of organisations working together in 75 countries to eliminate child sexual exploitation including child sex tourism.  It works with government to strengthen laws against offenders, raise awareness with the travel & tourism industry and support victims through grassroots initiatives.

The money raised through Kuoni Group’s Global Giving programme in 2015 has been matched bythe company with 25,000 EUR, bringing the total amount raised to 53,215 EUR. Kuoni Group has donated these funds to its global charity partner –ECPAT International– and local charities. In 2014, a grand total of EUR 37,498 was donated. Fundraising initiatives included sponsored runs, a climb up Mount Fuji, sweepstakes, bake sales and raffles.

 "ECPAT is absolutely thrilled that Kuoni Group has selected ECPAT International to be its global charity partner. Children who are victims of sexual exploitation rarely receive the care and attention they deserve. Most often they are forgotten, voiceless…and without hope. The joining hands – of Kuoni Group and ECPAT - holds the opportunity of making a difference in the lives of these most vulnerable of children". 

Dorothy Rozga, Executive Director, ECPAT International